How do I get experience or coins and where can I spend them?
The coins are the main currency for the server which is received as a reward depending on what mini-game is completed. The more games you play the more coins and experience you will receive. You can spend the coins in the mini-game lobby to receive a better kit in the mini-game.
Can I make a punishment appeal for my friend?
No; the player that got punished must make the appeal for themselves. Other players cannot make an appeal on your behalf. You can make a punishment appeal here.
What type of games does this server have?
The game types currently playable on (Survival) (Skyblock) (Creative) (MindCamp) Expect more game types in the coming months.
What type of mini-games does this server have?
The game types currently playable on (DeathSwap) Expect more game types in the coming months.
What are Turtle Tokens?
Turtle Tokens are the donation system of the Zpix-MC Network. These tokens are the global currency, meaning they will be in a balance that will carry over into any server you join on our network. So for example, if you buy them on the sky block server, you will have them if you join the creative server or any server you join!
How do Turtle Tokens work?
When you donate to the server you will receive Turtle Tokens. ($1 USD = 100 TurtleTokens) So if you donate $50 USD you will receive 5,000 Turtle Tokens. After you have your tokens you can use them anywhere and on anything you wish so you can either buy something right away or save them for a later day! When you want to buy anything type /tt in-game and It will pull up the Turtle Token shop menu. From here you can browse the shop of the server that you are on. Using /tt on a different server will pull up that servers store! After finding the desired item from the Turtle Token store that you wish you will be prompted to confirm or cancel your purchase. After confirming the amount of Turtle Tokens you spent on the item will be removed from your balance! You can even give your friends some tokens by using the command /ttpay [User name] In game!
Where do I donate?
In game use, the command /buy (amount you wish to donate) This will provide a link to the donation page. (Given the amount is between 5-500) There will be absolutely no refunds for the purchase of Turtle Tokens. If an item in any of our Turtle Token stores does not work correctly, please inform a member of staff immediately!
How do I vote for the server? and will I get anything in return?
To vote for the server just do /vote in-game. You'll get a list of links for you to click on which will take you to a browser for you to put your name in and to complete a captcha. Yes! once you've completed voting you will get a reward in-game such as 10 turtle Tokens, $200 coins and a vote key which can be used on a vote chest that will give you a random reward.
If I do vote, when can I vote again?
Once you have voted, you can vote every 24 hours (1 day).
How do I join a mini-game or a game in general?
Once you join the server you will be in the hub. In your inventory, you will have options to choose from. You will see 3 items in your inventory slot which is a compass (Server selector), head (Your player profile) and a chest (Gadgets). Left click on the compass (server selector) and click on whatever game type you desire.
How do I become level 10 or get levels in that matter on the server?
You must complete challenges on the server to level up. Each challenge you complete, your level will increase. Each achievement gives you different experience points. To view what challenges need to be completed and how much experience points they give, simply do /achievements to view the challenges on what you've completed and what you need to do to complete them.


How can I connect to the server TeamSpeak?
You must first download and install TeamSpeak. If you haven't already, you can download it here After you have completed downloading and installing the TeamSpeak client, double click to open TeamSpeak and hover over and click on (connections) and then click on (Connect). For a faster method, simply do Ctrl+S as an alternative method. Next, you type in "" in the server address box and your username under your nickname box. After you've completed that simply click on the (Connect) button to then join the server TeamSpeak!


How do I connect to the Discord Network?
You must first download and install Discord. If you haven't already, you can download it here. After you have completed downloading and installing the Discord client, double click the client and under the (Login) box, there will be (Register) which is what you will be doing if you haven't got an account on Discord. After clicking on register, simply put in an email, username, and password of your liking. (Note - Do not tell other players your login information). An example is shown bellow. After you have created an account, simply go to the server website by clicking here. Once you are on the server website, on the middle right corner will be a box simply for Discord. At the bottom of the box near the text (Free voice chat from Discord) click on the (Connect) button which will automatically bring up your Discord client and connect you to the Discord Zpix network. Also, don't forget to click (Continue to Discord) to open up the client. An example is shown bellow. Once your client is opened, you will receive a pop-up message. Simply click on (Join Zpix gaming network). After that, you're finally on the Discord Zpix network chat!


Where do I apply for staff and what are the requirements?
You need an on time of 2 hours a day on the server and you're also required to be active on the server forum and TeamSpeak. You can apply here. - Please make sure to answer all questions truthfully. [Warning] - Don't ask/talk about your staff application. if you're found talking about your staff application to other players or staff members it will be instantly rejected.
How will I know if my application for staff has been accepted or denied? Can I ask if it has or not?
No; you cannot whatsoever ask about your application. Once you create a staff application it will take 2 weeks until higher staff and owner decide if you got accepted or not. If you got accepted you will be added on skype and be asked to join the server TeamSpeak to be spoken to about your staff application. If it has been more than 2 weeks and you have not been notified that you've been accepted, then that indicates that your application has been denied.
If my application was unsuccessful after two weeks can I create another staff application?
Yes; once you realise that it has been more than 2 weeks and you have not been notified about your application then you can create another application. Note that during those 2 weeks if you re-apply for staff again, both your first and current staff application will be rejected.
How do I know who is staff or not on the forum and the server if I need help?
To view who is staff on the server, please click here. The staff members will have a prefix to indicate/show that they're staff. The staff positions are (Helper) (Trial-Mod) (Mod) (Trial-Admin) (Admin) (Manager) (Co-Owner) (Owner) - (Trial-Builder) (Builder).
Are there any in-game requirements for becoming staff on the server?
You will need to be level 10 and also be a member of the server to be able to apply for a staff position. More information on how to level up and how to become a member in the (Server Info) section.


How do I claim land to prevent griefers from griefing my items/blocks?
You must first craft yourself a golden shovel, once you have a golden shovel, right click on any block you desire and a diamond block will be placed on where ever you clicked which indicates where you start claiming. After you do that, simply extend to where ever you want, right click again which will change the diamond block to a golden block. Inside the shape is where the land is claimed by you which prevents players from accessing your chests,doors and from breaking items.
How do I know if a land is claimed or not?
By holding a stick, it will show you outlines on where a player has claimed their land which refrains you from accessing/griefing the players base.
What is claim blocks? and how can I get more of it?
Max claim allowance grows with time played on the server, and can't be cheated by idling on the spot or sitting in an AFK pool.
Once I claimed my land, how do I trust my friend in it? If I don't trust them anymore how do I remove them?
You must be in your land to trust someone, once you're in your claimed land, simply do /trust (player name). By doing so, it grants a player permission to build on your land. If you're questioning their trust and don't want them to access your items, simply do /untrust (player name) which revoked their privileges in building or accessing your items.
How do I remove my claimed land if I want to move?
Simply stand in your claim and do /AbandonClaim. Or if you want to remove all your claims, simply do /AbandonAllClaims.
Is everything protected in my claim? including crops and animals?
Yes; your crops and animals are protected refraining players from demolishing your crops and killing your animals.