So here on the Zpix MC Network we expext all players to follow these rules:

Please read the following: There are many rules that do not apply globally, but locally per server. Those rules will be posted on a rules board within the spawn of the server. These rules will apply to that specific server with punishments listed below. Global rules will always apply to each individual server. Please read each of the servers rules so you are not surprised by any disciplinary action that can and will happen as a result of breaking these rules.
Anything a head staff member says, goes. This is not limited to just rules, actions, or anything listed. If a head staff has told you not to do anything or has punished you for any reason their word is law. If they say you can not do, or say a specific thing then it is not to be done. If you are wondering who is considered head staff please refer to the "Team" page above.
All rules have many ways that you can and will be punished for breaking. Breaking any rule on the server will not be limited to just one type of punishment. You can be banned from our network for breaking any rule, however a ban is not always used. Breaking a rule does not qualify you for a ban, but breaking a rule will not save you from the potential ban. Potential bans can be for and will not be limited to: Behavior on the server, Attitude towards staff, Attitude towards players, Actions on the server, and Messages sent to others or on the chat.
Any rank on this server will not save any player from a potential ban. Staff and players alike can be banned for any reason at any time. Any player can be banned regardless of how long they have played. The amount they may have donated, the rank of staff they are. Anyone and everyone can be banned for any reason. This does not mean you will be banned randomly. If you are ever banned from the network. It has been for a valid reason.
If banned from our network globally. You may purchase an unban pass.
If banned from a specific server, you may purchase an unban pass for that server alone.
Not all bans will be given the right to purchase an unban pass. If you are denied an unban pass you will never be allowed back on the network.
All cases of bans are treated differently and no ban is guaranteed the chance to purchase an unban.
All temporary bans are not included in the purchase of an unban, no matter the length of the temporary ban, you are to serve that time.
Afking on servers that have afk kick is not allowed, punishment for any anti-afk is "Boom".