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What is VoteTokens?

Vote tokens are our way of saying thanks for supporting our server. They are a global currency much like the "TurtleTokens", and can be recieved and used in any server in our network.

How do they work?

Every time you vote for the server you receive 100 vote tokens per vote (Up to 5 times a day).
From here instead of getting a set daily reward you may choose your reward in our vote token store which will add new options as the server expands. Some of the options in the vote token store are exclusive to only vote tokens!
Much like the Turtle Token store, the Vote Token store can be accessed by using /vt in game
So with the Vote token store you may choose to save up for a massive reward, or get small daily prizes. The choice of the reward is yours to make as a way of saying thanks for your support! (: